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Business of the Modern Healer


Business of the Modern Healer

September 14 - 16, 2018

The Business of a Modern Healer: A Module of 300 Hour

April is honored to be teaching this special weekend alongside Faith Hunter within Ms. Hunter's 300 hour Training. Cultivating a business online and in-person requires creativity, dedication, commitment, and self-awareness. In an industry that is constantly shifting and changing, it is essential to set personal goals and design a strategy rooted in your strengths and intuition. 

Friday - Sunday Program

Part I with Faith Hunter | Friday + Sunday

Awareness, Prosperity, Presence, and Strategy: This workshop is designed to help you tell your story and share your passion online and in-person. Whether you are just starting out, or have already taken steps to promote your wellness business, this session will help you deepen your personal awareness, harness your highest qualities, and utilize that to achieve your goals. In addition, you will establish a spiritually aligned business approach, and learn how to authentically share your offerings with your audience. Topics include goal setting, media strategy, content creation, connection, engagement, and personal messaging. Sessions will include lecture, pranayama, meditation, and group discussions.

Part II with April Puciata | Saturday

Yoga Retreat Planning and Marketing 101: The many benefits of presenting retreats include: helping your students deepen their experience of yoga; global travel; and financial rewards. However, to effectively design, market, sell and lead a retreat requires innovative strategies, detailed planning, and tight execution. In this discussion, learn: what details to consider and questions to ask yourself before thinking about destination; effective ways to choose a location; pros and cons of partnering with retreat planning companies or another yoga teacher; sensible prices, budgets and profit; how to create a unique experience; sales and marketing strategy; and how to build your retreat clientele.

Early Bird Pricing until August 31, 2018

Location | Embrace Yoga, Washington D.C.

Dates | September 14 - 16, 2018

Times | Friday 3:00P - 6:00P & 7:45P - 9:00p, Saturday 1:30P - 8:00P, Sunday 1:30P - 6:00P

Investment | $525 ($475 paid in full by August 31 2018)

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Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Training

December 2 - 3, 2018

Meditation Teacher Training for Yoga Teachers, Healers, and Health Care Professionals

This two day training is geared toward yoga teachers, healthcare professionals, social workers, and therapists who want to develop or deepen a practice of their own, and tools to better serve their students and clients.

Meditation is the practice of quieting the chatter in the mind so that we can slow down, soothe our nervous system and connect with who we truly are. Ritual is part of the human instinct. And what makes it powerful or sacred, is the intention behind it. Committing to a meditation practice can bring about profound and beneficial shifts in the way we experience our thoughts and our lives. By creating our own meditation ritual, we are rooting ourselves in a practice so we can truly understand it, reap the benefits of it, and bring it authentically to others. It can be challenging to start and to stick with it, but this is why April wants to help and bring you these tools!

When we are grounded in the practices we can then teach and serve others. By bringing these practices to others we are giving a gift that reaches more than physical practice can do alone. This training will prepare you to set up your own committed meditation practice and also help you get comfortable teaching others.

Develop Personal Ritual & Tools to Share in your Professional Practice

This training will include simple breathing techniques and also ancient practices from the Ishta Lineage and school that April uses daily and teaches as a Senior Ishta Yoga Teacher. The program will include an explanation of meditation and the underlying philosophies of the practice. During the weekend you will:

  • Receive direction on how to commit to your meditation ritual and how to set up your scared space
  • Become established with basic breathing, pranayama and meditation techniques
  • Learn about the health benefits of meditation
  • Learn the importance and benefits of ritual
  • Be introduced to the contraindications, variations and modifications to techniques
  • Discover the art of sequencing a meditation class
  • Learn a kriya technique, the science of purifying the consciousness
  • Be led through a powerful chakra meditation
  • Gain confidence in teaching meditation and learn how to make it accessible to others
  • Learn how to get grounded and why it is important
  • As a bonus, April will give you directions on how to create your own simple ritual aligned with moon phases to help you watch how you approach the abundance the universe is trying to send you and how to help you release what is holding you back.

additional materials provided

In addition to the content covered during the training, you will also:

  • Be given an assignment that you will receive valuable feedback on.
  • Get access to a private Facebook group for questions and feedback.
  • Be given an electronic copy of a manual for future reference with all the above information.
  • 15 CEUs are available with Yoga Alliance with completion of assignment.

Early bird Pricing until November 1, 2018

Location | Tula Yoga, Long Branch NJ

Dates | December 1 - 2, 2018

Times | Saturday 12:00P - 7:00P & Sunday 12:00P - 6:00P

Investment | $395 ($295 paid in full by November 1 2018)