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April Puciata, E-RYT500®, RPYT®

Tap into Unbound Potential

April is honored to be a Senior ISHTA Yoga teacher and trainer of ISHTA yoga. Through this lineage, her studies, and teaching she hopes to inspire students to find what resonates with their individual spirit and tap into their unbound potential.

Dedicated to the yoga practice for 15 years, April Puciata's initial desire to participate in a teacher training was not to be a teacher, but a student. The day after she finished the final practicum, April was laid off from her job as a manager at Random House after working in publishing for almost 6 years. As her reality reformed, April completed her 500 hour teacher training under the guidance of Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger, the co-founder of ISHTA Yoga with Mani Finger. She taught classes at ISHTA Yoga and YogaWorks in New York City for nearly a decade, as well as offering private sessions to a wide base of clients including The Museum of Natural History, Citibank, and a collection of actors, attorneys, Wall Street businessmen/women and movie directors. For the past 6 years, April has also been teaching teachers.

In Tantra we don’t see the body as an obstacle. We see it as a vehicle to help bring pure consciousness to earth.

My desire as a teacher is help students understand through the physical poses and physical body we can become more aware of the subtle body and how through the subtle body we can connect to spirit.

Through asana, pranayama and meditation techniques we can discover who we really are, experience the true essence of yoga and bring that inspiration into our every day living.

While teaching in Washington D.C., April had the privilege to bring the ISHTA teacher trainings to the DC area. In 2012 she created Shakti Inspired, the only 85 hours Prenatal Yoga teacher training program in Washington D.C., and designed a mentoring program for teachers.   She has been a part of many teacher training programs throughout the country, sharing her love and knowledge of yogic texts, the subtle body and chakras. 

Her popular yoga retreats run twice a year to spectacular destinations such as Cuba, Italy, Mexico and Costa Rica. These retreats and love for travel have been part of the inspiration to create and develop beyond OM. This March she will lead her third retreat in CUBA and in June will lead the first 200 hour beyond OM Ishta teacher training at Mhai Yoga in Cuba. 

April is now settling back into her home state of NJ where she is part of Teacher Trainings on the Jersey Shore and also Hoboken. Her new workshop called Move | Meditate | Manifest. She is also creating a new advanced training that will be held at Inlet Yoga in 2018 that will be based on the importance on creativity on and off the mat. It will be based on the physical, subtle and causal bodies. Also, in this training April will also share her secrets on staying inspired as a teacher and tools of the trade. 

April has studied with Shiva Rea, Sean Corn, and Mark Whitwell. She has completed prenatal certification with Janice Clarfield, Reiki Master Training with Brett Bevell, and has earned a Relax and Renew® Trainer certificate with Judith Laster. April continues to study with Alan Finger at ISHTA Yoga in NYC and is grateful for all of his guidance. In 2016 she completed Level 2 in Marma Points with him; an Ayurvedic technique.

April also has an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in literary journals as varied as New York Quarterly, Salamander and The New Orleans Review. 

April believes we are always students and is grateful to all of her many teachers.

Headstands for Hunger

In moving back to her home state of NJ, April wanted to become grounded and more involved in community service, or seva. She has several ideas and projects in the works but one she is very happy to be involved in is her work with Headstands for Hunger. 

The mission of H4H is to unify unify local yoga teachers and their communities to aid in the feeding of hungry people and homeless pets nationwide. This events began almost 5 years ago in Monmouth Country NJ is a school gym and now is held at the Convention Center in Asbury Park, NJ. April will be assisting the founder Vanessa Van Noy with this event, and will also be the liaison and event organizer for 2 more events that will be held in Hoboken NJ April 29th and also in Washington DC (date TBA), where April is still very involved in the yoga community. More details to come!





OM, or Pranava, is the sound or humming the ancient rishis heard while meditating. It is often referred to as the primary sound of the universe, the essential or seed sound of consciousness and creation. OM has a vibrational quality along with other meanings, one of which is a term to denote pure consciousness. 

There are four parts to the OM or AUM. The first three parts the OM - A U M - can correspond to the physical, subtle and causal; the Creator, Destroyer, and Sustainer; the unconscious, subconscious and conscious. The fourth part of the OM, Anagata, is beyond verbal pronunciation.  It is the silence we leave after the OM. It is unpronounceable. It is the vibration that is left after the verbal sounds end. 

Cultivated by April Puciata, Beyond OM® is multidimensional approach to the space we touch after we make the shapes. After the chanting, pranayama, and all techniques we use to still the business of the mind, it is the indescribable silence we leave at the end of the OM.  It is the place where the healing happens. 

This vibration is within you always. We practice yoga so we can get quiet enough to hear it. Beyond OM® is about being open to the unlimited possibilities, the unbound potential that exists within each of us.