Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Private Sessions + Corporate Classes

Bring the yoga practice to your home and your work, for a personal focus on your well-being. April Puciata is available for both private sessions and corporate classes on New Jersey's coast and in Washington D.C. 

These classes are customized to your needs in your personal practice and in the workplace, designed for 45 minute/60 minute/90 minute intervals. Bodywork, aromatherapy, meditation, and breath work may be incorporated alongside strength and stretchability sequences. Rates vary according to location and class packages, wherein discounts are offered for class packages of 10 sessions. 

Hone in on your individual requisites in private sessions. Bring your staff enhanced productivity and synergy at the office.





Upcoming Events

April is currently booking workshops for Fall 2017. Please connect here to inquire about offerings and availability.

Sunday, September 17 | The 2017 Local Mala Project

bringING community together through collective practices

April is honored to be a part of this and teaching on the boardwalk September 17th!

The Local Mala Project unites yoga, service and collective action. Our purpose is to bring our local community together through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108 Sun Salutations. Through collective meditation and practice, we contribute to the yoga world’s offering of peace to further the Fall Equinox and the UN International Peace Day on September 21, 2017.

Over 300 yoga practitioners, teachers and family members attended The Local Mala Project each year. With a percentage of funds raised through ticket sales and sponsorships, The Local Mala Project will donate proceeds to Impact 100 Jersey Coast, a philanthropic women’s group that provides grants to local organizations serving Monmouth County.

Sunday, December 10 | Inlet Yoga

Move. Meditate. Manifest. : The CHAKRAS

April Workshop Part II.jpg

We often think there are only certain people gifted with creative minds or of being artistic. However, creativity is in our DNA - we just aren't often given an outlet for it.

Join April Puciata for a special practice designed to help students cultivate clarity and creativity by incorporating the Chakras. Chakras are energy centers that reside along the spine. They are themselves an artful and inspirational system that tap into our intuition and creative potential.

Class will begin with a brief discussion about why creativity is important and beneficial to every day life and also how yoga can help us tap into that side of ourselves. Also included will be some tips and exercises on how to incorporate it into your every day living. We'll move into a yoga flow sequence that is designed to balance the chakras and also to burn out tension and blockages in the physical body, which can prevent us from experiencing the subtle body and from tapping into our creative side. Practice will conclude with a special chakra meditation/visualization/relaxation to help bring clarity and quiet to the mind, allowing space for inspiration to flow. 

The end of class will consist of a brief creative exercise. You can choose an option that is given or come with something you want to work with. Feel free to bring a notebook, journal, sketch pad, etc. (This will be quiet, reflective time - not a group project - and you will not be asked to share.)

"...And the great thing about art is that art helps us to let our hearts break open, rather than close." - Marie Howe

Hours: 12:00p - 2:00p

Investment: $30 | $40 walk-in

Sunday, May 6 2018 | Inlet Yoga

Move. Meditate. Manifest. (PART II) : Vision BOARDS, BUSINESS PLANS, AND VOICE

April Workshop.jpg

Have your realized the potential in your creative side but don’t know how to move forward?  Are you confused about what path or focus to take? Are you a yoga teacher that has a great idea for your students but can’t seem put it into action in a productive or successful way?

Creativity is something that ebbs and flows like everything else.  Once we are inspired, have a breakthrough or a great idea, we then need to sort out how to put that into action so can we can successfully share it and bring it life. This is where many of us get stuck.

How do we keep the creative ideas and flowing…and stay grounded in what we need to do to present our potential clearly. How do we get people to show up?  

In this workshop we will do a grounding asana practice and meditation. We will also discuss the above and also:

  • How your yoga practice helps.
  • How do you know what means of creative expression suits you best?
  • Being clear in your message and mission statement.
  • What is your (business) plan? Mission statement? Why these are important.
  • Clarity in what and why you want to share.
  • The importance of letting it come/letting it go.
  • The importance of authenticity and voice.

This workshop is geared toward yoga teachers but would also benefit anyone who is in inspired to take new ideas to an audience but needs some help in planning how to achieve this.  

Hours: 12:00p - 3:00p

Investment: $30 | $40 walk-in

Past Events

The shariRas: Cleaning house

The Shariras, meaning "bodies" in Sanskrit, are the three destinies of energy that make up the three facets of the Self: the Physical, Subtle, and Causal. The manifestations of the Shariras allow us to work our karma on this plane of consciousness. By deepening our understanding of these energetic bodies, we can deepen our experience in our yoga practices and in our lives. Join April for discussion, grounding asana practice, and meditation to harmonize each layer of our being.




Opening in a vinyasa yoga practice that will strengthen, open, and calm the physical body, this special class welcomes the new sun in high vibration. Upon establishing our visions for the new year, we will direct breath work and meditation that resonates with Sankalpa, the spirit, planting the seed deep for our intentions to build and manifest.




This informal, accessible, and yes, fun discussion redresses notions of the Yoga Sutras as stuffy, incomprehensible writings. Weaving the traditional with a more feminine and intuitive approach, we will explore how the Sutras are important and relative for our practice today. We will also review methods, for teachers, by which to use the Sutras in intriguing and reachable ways durings classes. We will be referring to the texts, The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda, and The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman's Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras by Nischala Joy Devi.



Travel through each energy center in this comprehensive practice that begins in fluid asana, connecting peak poses of each Chakra together to move from the root of the body to the crown. Working with yantras and Bija mantras in post-asana meditation, we will bring balance to our energetic systems. Corresponding with those mantras, we will leave class with grounding techniques by which to continue our work and maintain the restoration created together.