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Online Classes

Thank you for connecting with April Yoga. For all future access to your podcasts, you can bookmark this page [or simply save the URL www.aprilyoga.com/audio, wherever you'd like]. Enjoy!


30 Flow

FLOW CLASS [30 minutes]

This is a 30 minute flow that will get you moving if you are short on time. 


Apa Japa

Meditation [5 minutes]

Apa Japa means breath awareness. Here is a very short guided meditation to help you begin a meditation practice or to simply give you an opportunity to go inward and take a break from your day. For more tips on meditating see my post on NJYC: Just Sit There | 10 Tips to Begin a Meditation Practice


OM Shanti Meditation: For Clarity, Peace, and Inspiration


Tune in at any time of day to align with the energetic body. Embrace the practice of OM Shanti, the mantra for clarity, peace, and inspiration.


Core Flow


This mindful core flow focuses on strengthening and opening the front and back body using breathwork, asana, and immersive savasana.


Sankalpa Meditation. An Inspired Intention


Did you make a new years resolution? Sankalpa is an intention, a purpose, a desire for change. It is a seed of hope that is drawn from the unconscious mind. It is quite different than a new year's resolution, which is usually something we want to start doing or stop doing. Well-intended, of course, but difficult with which to follow through, and many times, easier to abandon. The power of Sankalpa is in allowing the intention to manifest from your heart and allowing the unconscious mind to select a change we really want or need. 

If you missed this special practice with me in Washington DC, please use this recording to allow your inspired intention to surface this year... perhaps even use this as away to begin a dedicated meditation practice.  If you were able to join me at Embrace DC, please use this to continue planting the seed of that Sankalpa so it can continue to grow within you. After you do it so many times, you may not need the recording.  Try to set your timer before you begin and sit in silence a bit longer.  Make sure to ground yourself at the end. 

Here are some things that might help: 

  • Choose the same time each day to sit for meditation. 
  • Prepare a special space to which you'll want to return.
  • If you miss a day, just begin again the next day. 
  • Know it’s not easy. It takes practice just like a handstand or any yoga pose. Keep at it.  
  • Try to work up to 20 minutes. If that seems impossible, start with just a few minutes. It’s all money in the bank.  


Balancing Effort and Ease on Your Mat

Flow class [60 minutes]

Sthira Sukham Asanam. "Asana is a steady easy seat."

This hour long flow class is designed to help you balance the effort and ease on your mat so you can practice balancing effort and ease off your mat. Recorded at Epic Yoga DC one rainy February afternoon.


Sa Hum Soothing Flow

Flow class [30 minutes]

This meditative flow is perfect when you do not have a lot of time but do want to roll out your mat to connect and refocus. You can actually get a lot done in that amount of time! Within this practice, I lead you through a kriya technique I learned from my teacher. Use the mantra Sa on the inhalation and Hum on the exhalation. This will help direct your energy and bring inspiration into your day. As you practice this technique moving through the asana on your mat, you will become more focused and present in your moment.  After you get used to using this tool on your mat, you can practice this anywhere during your day to help direct and focus your energy.



Flow class [60 Minutes]

This hour long practice flow focuses on tapas, translated as 'discipline' or 'austerity.'  We sometimes hear it means to sweat and burn impurities. In Tantra we see it as burning out patterns that do not serve us and having the dedication to our practice that will move us through our karma.  This class was recorded at Vida Fitness, Verizon Center.


Connect and Flow in Cuba

Flow class [90 Minutes]

This very special class was recorded March 15th, 2016, during our first morning practice at Mhai Yoga In Cuba. The word of the day was “connect.”  Take 90 minutes to practice with us and connect to the space within that always exists. As one of the first American yoga retreat groups there, I am so grateful to Mhai Yoga and to Cultural Contrast for helping me make this happen. We will be returning to this incredible venue in March of 2017.